About Us

The local palliative care organization started in Portage la Prairie in 1994, for the purpose of establishing a palliative care program that would meet the needs of palliative individuals and their families, who live within the communities served by Portage and District General Hospital.
Sunset Palliative Care has representation of advisory board members which include a local doctor, nurses from the hospital, local pharmacists, a local clergy member, homecare and community members.

Sunset Palliative Care is in the geographical area served by Central Regional Health Authority. The Sunset Coordinator of Volunteers trains the volunteers and generally oversees the program.

Goals and Objectives are to provide support for the needs of the dying and their families, always respecting the confidentiality of client and family, and the individual’s cultural and religious life.

Financially, the program relies primarily on donations and fundraising.

Board Members:

Dr. David Kinnear ———– Chairman

Rev. Julie Baker  —————– Secretary

Lesley Anne MacLaughlin ————— Treasurer

Caitlin Giercke

Kathy Hogue

Lori Bachalo

Emily Gray

Coordinator : Aldene Moroz